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Workshop on Digital Transformation of International Trade – Stratford, London, September 13th 2022

Workshop on Digital Transformation of International Trade – Stratford, London, September 13th 2022

The Workshop

Digital transformation is projected to offer cost reductions in global international trade of 80% and increased trade volumes of 43%. This amounts to some $9trn or around 10% of global GDP, with particularly large benefits for smaller companies and jurisdictions.  As illustrated by the ongoing issues of trade with Northern Ireland, the implications of not having a digital trade system in place are problematic and costly.

This massive opportunity is being actively pursued, by both policy makers and business – with the UK leading G7 efforts to introduce model law for electronically transferable records (MLETR) and the International Chamber of Commerce ICC Digital Standards Initiative developing the required global standards to automate international trade.  

This workshop brings together researchers, policy makers and practitioners from around the world. It focus is on the key adoption challenges – technological, legal, financial, operational and political – in the digital transformation of international trade.

The workshop goals are thus identifying the business, strategic and political barriers to successful adoption and developing a research agenda for support of this digital transformation. 

  • What are the key research questions that need to be answered for the private and public sectors to fully engage in the digitalisation of international trade?
  • How can digitalisation also support the goals of sustainability and protection of our environment?
  • Are there negative or unintended consequences that must be addressed?

The workshop panel sessions will feature a mix of leading university researchers and industry practitioners participating as both presenters and panellists. We look forward to welcoming you to a stimulating day of open debate and insightful discussion.