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Survey: Visions of future data sharing in insurance

Survey: Visions of future data sharing in insurance

Overview: The way data are stored and processed is changing rapidly, presenting opportunities for data-agile organisations. Central to any step-change developments will be access to data, yet data are often currently held in silos within organisations. So, it is often argued that the insurance sector needs to share data better, particularly in the context of machine learning or ‘AI’, and ongoing initiatives (e.g. Open Data Standard).

This survey will determine the extent to which the sharing of data is desirable or practical in (re)insurance, with space to comment on the modifications to work practices prompted by COVID-19.

By using the link below, we invite practitioners across the industry to put forward their views on this matter.

Potential benefits: To survey participants, the potential benefits of taking the time to contribute their views are:

  • Access to an initial report summarizing the survey results; a brief, early view of the sector’s vision, for participants only.
  • Opportunity to engage with the researchers, who would welcome co-writing the ‘thought leadership’ piece / blog post planned.
  • Early, pre-publication view of the research article to be in the journal Geography.

Timeline: The survey is now open, closing in october, with the initial report available in early November.